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    DefaultRocco says hi....

    ... and so do I! Hello, I'm new here. I'm the proud owner of a 3 month old chocolate lab called Rocco, and am hoping to get hints and tips on bringing him up. He's fairly well behaved, and training is going well (until he gets distracted by exciting things like falling leaves...)

    Anyway, here's Rocco - 1 photo from the day he arrived with us, and another from last week (where he clearly isn't sitting up straight!):

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    Aw, he is a handsome little guy! Welcome to the forum!
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Yes he is adorable. My one tip to you would be always keep an eye on what he has in his mouth. They put everything in their mouths and if you are not there to watch then make sure there is nothing they can get into their mouth. They will choke or swallow something they should not and you would be lucky to just end up with a vet bill. You absolutely need a crate to start out with. Good luck.

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    He's adorable! Ditto on the "puts everything in their mouth" comment. We baby proofed our house and yard and Sophie would still come up with things she shouldn't have. We never let her out without one of us to watch her, and watched her closely in the house. Still, I was continually fishing stuff out of her mouth! We worked diligently on the "don't bite" command. Those needle teeth were killer! She finally quit that (YaY)!! Big advice: make sure your pup gets plenty of excercise, just don't over do it on his growing joints. Walk him 5 minutes for each month of age twice a day.

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    Love the lazy sit ! It doesn't go away either.

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