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Thread: New here and to the world of labs

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    SmileNew here and to the world of labs

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi I just got a 10 week old female black lab puppy two days ago and am in love. I never had a lab before. Growing up we had boxers, and now that I have a family of my own I wanted my kids to grow up with a dog(s) like I did. I was going to get a boxer but a friend of my husbands had a litter of labs and had one female left. We went to see her and fell in love. I took her that day (after spending a good 30 minutes with her). So far so good, she's great. The only thing is when she plays with the kids she likes to bit a lot (playful though), but she doesn't do it with me or my hubby. We are working on that with her. We still haven't decided on a name for her yet. We all like different names and narrowed it down to 3, which are: Midnight, Ebony or Allie. What do you guys think? Which sounds better for a female dog? We decided that we will pick the name that get's the most votes from you guys. So what do you guys think?

    Thanks and look forward to the comments

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    Welcome! I pick Allie -- please post pics of your little one.

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    I like Allie.

    We have a black lab too and I kind of wish we'd named him Midnight or something else related to his color. My kids agreed on Charlie and I was just thrilled it wasn't a major family controversy! ; >

    Good luck with your new pup!

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    Welcome. I like Allie too.

    Nine years ago I bought home my first dog.A black Lab and I am hooked on Labs.
    Labs are mouthy and at first we wondered what we had done. We yelped in an exaggerated way when Kass nipped and she soon realised it hurt.

    Look forward to some pics.

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    Ha Ha ha!! I will add to the vote of Allie!! I picked it before I even read other replies, but then I know another lab named Allie that I love!!
    Best wishes for you, your family and new lab!

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    Thanks everyone for helping us pick the name for our lab pup...Allie it is I liked that one the best too. I will upload some pics as soon as I find my camera usb cord to hook up to the computer. Thanks again!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I hope you like it here!

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    I remember that nipping. It was agravating. I squeezed his nose each time he did it but I do not know if that worked or if he just got tired of doing it. He is three now and he is very loving and sweet. Loves to cuddle. I would love to have know the cure when it was happening. Good luck it does get better.

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