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    CoolHello from Charlie & I :D

    I'm glad I've found this site! We got a lab puppy after Hurricane Irene. He was found in NC on rge side of the road standing guard over his dead sister. We believe she was hit by a car during the storm. Now he... Charlie now has us as parents! We know he is young but unsure of exact age.

    We are military and move alot so ideas for getting him used to the car would be great!!!!



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    Welcome! Glad you gave this guy a home. If he si fearfull of the car then teach him the car means good things like treats or toys. i have found out the hard way right after you feed a dog don't take them for a car ride(it made one fo my dogs throw up!) also use a crate for traveling. We love pics here!
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    We started with a crate, but then moved to a harness so that the dog can see out the window if she wants. Make sure that the dog is ALWAYS secured somehow in the car so that when car door opens he can't escape. In my signature picture, Artemis is looking out the car window when we're stopped along the Blue Ridge Parkway...but her leash was secured to the seat in the back of the van and when the van is in motion it's pulled up tightly through her harness so that she can't get to the front seat.

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I hope you like it here!

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    We started out with Jack in a crate from the time that we brought him home at 10 weeks. We had lots of room in the back of our van with the seats down. Eventually ( 2 years ) we let him loose in the vehical. I have no idea if that is what has made him so good in the car. He lays down as soon as we put the vehical in gear and stays down till we stop. I swear by a crate for a young dog. good luck.

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    Welcome jenn, I am new here also. How awesome that you rescued this fella! I hope you have a long and wonderful life together. I use seat belt harnesses for both of my dogs and a smaller crate if we are traveling any distance for our 12 week old black male, Maxx, Emma, (Border Collie/Lab mix, 4 yrs old), knows the drill with the harness everytime we get in the car so she seem to have gotten used to it. Good luck and thanks for what your family does for all of us.

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