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    DefaultHello from Ohio!


    My name is Debbie. I have been fortunate enough to have a beautiful female yellow lab named Sadie to 'wander' into my life.

    Sadie was a stray that my neighbor was helping to foster. I offered to foster Sadie for a week while my neighbor went on vacation. By the end of this week our family unanimously decided to offer this sweet girl a forever home.

    Many attempts were made to find who she belonged to, and where she was from. We were unsuccessful in finding the prior owner, however, an unregistered microchip did lead us to a breeder. Sadie is a purebred Lab. Unfortunately, this breeder did not keep records on the microchip numbers of the chips he inserted into his puppies. He left the responsibility of registering/enrolling these chips to the customers purchasing his pups. The breeder is located a significant distance from our home. When I notified him of having one of the dogs from his breeding program, he did make an effort to contact the few customers who lived within a 100-mile radius of our home to determine in someone had lost their dog. Of the prior customers he was able to contact, there were none of these breeder's dogs missing from their homes. So ... as sad as it was that Sadie was lost to her former home ... we were thrilled to make her a permanent fixture in ours.

    While Sadie was a stray, she lost a significant amount of weight (20 lbs.). It wasn't until she had been in the care of her foster homes (and my home) for several weeks that it became obvious that Sadie become pregnant while she was wandering.

    With the help of the internet and every book I could get my hands on -- I became 'an expert' at whelping puppies. My assistance wasn't necessary however, since Sadie did everything on her own while delivering 7 beautiful puppies.

    We will never know for certain what type of dog the father was ... although these little pups look very much like their mother. Six of the pups are solid black - and one (a chocolate) has markings like a German Shepherd. They are almost 5 weeks old now, and are thriving. I have WONDERFUL homes lined up for 5 of the pups -- with friends and family.

    I intend (of course) to keep Sadie with us after the pups go their forever homes. She will be spayed in a couple months -- and then we will continue to incorporate her into every possible part of our lives. She is a wonderful, loving, and very well behaved dog. She looks into your eyes with an expression that says "Please love me". We were VERY fortunate that she wandered into our lives.

    I am hoping that this forum can assist me while I transition these pups from being dependent upon mom, guide us through the weaning process, and help to ready them to move into the homes and hearts of their new owners. I am hoping to socialize them as best I possibly can so that they can be happy, well-behaved puppies in their new homes.

    I also will enjoy sharing our adventures with Sadie ... as I am sure there will be many to come!

    (and Sadie & Crew)

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    Welcome to the board !
    Thanks for saving Sadie !
    Buddy 11

    bella 5

    Bruno 3

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    I feel soo... good to be able to provide a home to a dog that has not been cared for. Our last lab ( Choco) came to us that way. They appreciate everything you do for them. Choco our last dog was there at your side with the snap of a finger. He worshipped us and we him. Jack has had it very good from puppy on. He knows nothing else. Enjoy Sadie. I am enjoying this forum and hope you do as well.

    "If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room."

    "Jack catching a few rays."

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    Welcome Debby, thank you for saving this poor girl. What a lucky girl she is to have found you and you her. Cheers to you both!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I hope you like it here!

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    oh what a fantastic story, glad to hear that she has finally arrived at her forever loving home

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    Welcome Debbie and Sadie. What a wonderful story. Sadie is a very lucky girl to have found you and your family.

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    We are in Ohio too, Clermont county, have 4 labs and my name is Debby also ..........nice to meet you

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