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    Our labs name is Simba and he is just become six months old. This is the
    first time we have had a labrador at home and like everyone we are amazed
    by his extraordinary energy and loving nature. He keeps on jumping on us all
    the time which we have got used to. I also maintain a garden and he also dashes
    among the flowers at great speed. Apparently he is not much of a nature lover
    and treats grass and flowers alike. Is there any way he could recognise the difference ?

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    I also have a garden but with two dogs in the fenced back yard, there is rough-housing, and so I have more shrubs and tough plants. Maybe it's possible to train dogs to avoid certain areas, but I don't bother. My "pretty" garden is in the front. Also, you might try paths - I have woodchip paths, and the dogs tear around on them, actually avoiding the plantings.

    I wouldn't let him keep jumping on you, that's not a good habit to have. There is lots of info here on how to discourage that behaviour, just search "jumping up" and get reading! Good luck, and welcome

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    i taught my dogs that they are NOT allowed in the garden or my moms flower bed. i take them ona leash and if they try to go in it they get a strong No walk in the garden! it took about a month but it worked!

    Also discourage the jumping up. I don't like it when my dogs or my friends dogs jump up on me. When they are invited up on the couch or anything that is fine. It is also a saftey hazard i had a dog jump up on my and nip my face!
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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