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    DefaultInsurance for my lab

    Hello... I am a newbie here at Just labs and i am looking for some help. My 18 month old lab has luxating patella, so I have been told. I feel it would be best to get some insurance... any recommendations? Also, is there somewhere I could go (web) to find a good vet?


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    Welcome to JL!!! I have a 9 month old lab mix named Avery. I have VPI and they're pretty decent. I've had a few issues with him and have gotten money back.
    My vet suggested I switch to ASPCA, their payout is different.

    My insurance doesn't cover shots, routine visits etc... just major medical.
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    Be aware that most insurance companies will consider that a "pre-existing condition" and may exclude surgery for that in his future. We have Embrace and we've been happy.

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    I have Petplan for my girls.
    Getting insurance now won't help you with the luxating patella...because it's already been diagnosed and is most likely listed in his medical, so it's considered a pre-existing condition.

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