Neutering at 11 months old
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Thread: Neutering at 11 months old

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    DefaultNeutering at 11 months old

    Hi guys
    I'm Kim and my little lab is Nash What a wonderful forum
    I am sure this has been discussed before, and I have already done a bit of my own research, but I just want to know briefly if by neutering the little one, will it affect his personality and will he put on weight?
    Is there any other info you can help me with in terms of pros and cons of having it done?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I have a female, but from everything I have read on this forum, it is better to wait till a male is 18 months to neuter them... Welcome to the forum...

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    You will get a lot of differing opinions here, but i would subscribe to the 18 months too unless you experienced problems such as aggressive dominance. Jasper was neutered just before this due to aggression to my other dog at the time.

    Your dog will only gain weight if you feed it too much or if it lacks exercise and neutering would not be the cause of weight gain IMO.

    Neutering would tend to make your dog more attentive ( no hormonal distraction ) if anything and I have not experienced any change in either of my dogs personality following neutering,

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    I agree with the above. Both of my dogs are nuetered and they are really fit not fat or overweight. They are happy little bugerrs who just love to get in trouble
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    hi Kim my name is helena and I am also new on here to, I've a black lab called candy who is now 4 years old, but I did get her neutered at 8 1/2 months, it did affect her personiality in anyway, as for the weight problem it hasnt been an issuse so I just its just a case of keeping you eye on them and taking them for regular walks I take mine up to the park as she loves to run after a ball so its great excise for us both!!!!! I hope this is of some help to you

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    I have NEVER seen a change in personality when a dog is spayed or neutered. if they get fat that is because you are feeding them too much and not exercising them enough.

    It is safe to spay/neuter after 6 months of age. some breeders ask buyers to wait until the dog is fully developed (18 month or later) properly. but you have to balane your ability to keep him from getting to a female until that point.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Won't affect personality, won't affect weight.

    You can alter the dog any time after the growth plates have closed.

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    Welcome to the board.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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