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    Welcome aboard,fairly new here myself.Nice website.
    I'm no behavior expert on dogs but I have experience with my own trio of pooches in my home.My lab is a big friendly curious dog.He's fine,never starts anything with the others.My daughter moved in with us for a while and she brought her two dogs with her,a Pembroke Corgi and a mix breed,part Corgi and part German Shepard(picture a sawed off Shepard).The dog that presented a problem was the Pembroke Corgi,he likes to be dominant and is prone to nipping/biting the other dogs.He never gets aggressive with people,just dogs.
    I overcame this with him by establishing a pack pecking order.He is last to be fed,last one in or out of the door,last one to get attention and if he acts up on the other dogs he gets disciplined and sent to another part of the house or yard.He actions if they are good keeps him in,otherwise he gets put out and isolated.It might also help if you hold him down while another dog checks him out with his nose.This is easy with a 35 pound Corgi.A Labrador might be a bit of a challege though so thats up to you.
    Again,I'm not an expert.Just passing on some personal experience.

    Good luck
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    Och aye the noo Catriona :-)

    and welcome !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samson View Post
    Och aye the noo Catriona :-)

    and welcome !
    Go away show off.

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