Hello from Tanya and Chris.
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Thread: Hello from Tanya and Chris.

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    DefaultHello from Tanya and Chris.


    We are a couple getting ready to bring home our boy (We plan to name him ROCKY. ) . My name (if you couldn't tell. lol) is Tanya and Chris is also on these forums as "Lordmetalz28" Though he is extremely busy right now with our new project. We are currently in the process of fencing our entire front and back yard for our future yellow lab (Both front and back yards are connected so it doesn't make sense to fence one and not the other. why not let our boy get the best of both yards?) We refuse to bring our baby home til he can safely run around the property. We dont believe in tying our dog to a leash in his own yard. (if we dont have to wear a leash in our own yard, why should he? ) Til then ... I am taking this time to get educated on Labrador retrievers. We've had dogs before but never a Labrador and certainly never a "Large" breed dog. I've had beagles and Maltese's and Chris has had Brittney Spaniel's and mix breeds. We've done the adopting rescues and going through shelters. This time, we wanna give a breeder a chance as we've never gone through one before. We live in New Windsor, NY (Orange county area ) and would love to meet more people in our area who are also dog lovers. We've been in love with this breed for years but never could "do it right" til now. Now, we cannot wait to bring our boy home. he's even got his own bedroom with TV and queen size bed waiting for him!! LOL (Ok ok ... it was a guest room but 99% of the time it's never used. LOL)

    Feel free to say hello! And if you're in our area we would love to hear from ya!!

    Tanya & Chris
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