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    Defaulthello i am new to the forum

    hi and good morning,we are scott and jayne hadley from north wales(bala lake) and we have just adopted a 5 year odd chocolate labby,he has had rather a difficult start to life with his first owners being disabled he was not exersised and it resulted in him becoming obese and eventually he was put into kennels,where he was adoped by another couple,but sometime later it turned out the husband had first stage eltsimers,so it was back to kennels for him,this is where he was attacked by a staffy and it resulted in him having to have surgery,this has left him with a fear of other dogs that manifests as aggresson to other dogas,he is however a very quite dog with people,he pulls very hard on the lead but luckilly i have a (halty) and he is lovely on this collar,as a result of his weight he cannot exersize to his full potential but we are getting the weight down and exersize levels up,when no other dogs are present he is wonderfull off the lead,and we are lucky in where we live to be able to get out in the middle of knowhere,but does anyone have any tips as to re-associasion with other dogs??? the dog that attacked him was obviously black and white as he is worse when he sees a dog of those colours, thanks for taking the time to read this and i will post photos and updated as the occur

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    Gradual association with another dog from a distance at first and gradually closer with you giving your dog treats to keep his attention on you.

    This needs to be very gradual over a couple of weeks and eventually he will associate the treats with the other dog.

    It's important that you train your dog to look at you with the Treats to stop him from worrying about where the other dog is.

    We give free advice here providing we get a picture of your dog and his name as well j/k

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    Oh - and welcome to JL

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