Barking and jumping at door
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Thread: Barking and jumping at door

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    DefaultBarking and jumping at door

    Hi everyone!

    I am new to this forum and a new owner of a one and an half year old female yellow lab. I have had her for two weeks now. She is the sweetest and most precious dog in the world! I got her from some people who had her tied up day and night for 5 months. Now she has a huge yard to play in, and a big family to give her lots of attention.

    There is only one issue that I can't seem to break her of. When I want her to stay outside for a while, she will bark, jump up and hit the screen door continually. All she wants to do is be with the family, inside or out. I tried the can with pennies in, trying to scare her, but she thinks it’s a toy. She does not bark at anyone or anything else, just when she wants in. And, it’s very loud!

    Please, please if anyone has any suggestion on how I can break her of this, let me know.


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    Welcome and thank you for giving her a good home.

    Labs are social dogs and not all of them enjoy being alone in the backyard. She is also new to your home. I would just not leave her outside other than to do her business or when I was outside with her. With time she may find interest in hanging out there on her own but at this point she clearly doesn't.
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    Agréable soir à toutes et tous ,

    En premier lieu , donnez-moi l'occasion de vous montrer mon appréciation pour toutes les très intéressantes informations que j'ai rencontrées sur cet agréable forum .

    Je ne suis pas certaine d'être au bon section mais je n'en ai pas vu de meilleur.

    J'habite à Georgetown, canada . J'ai 46 ans et j'élève trois très gentils enfants qui sont tous âgés entre 6 et 15 ans (1 est adoptée ). J'aime beaucoup les animaux et je tempte de leur offrir les articles qui leur rendent l'existance plus splendide.

    Je vous remercie dès maintenant pour toutes les excellentes débats dans le futur et je vous remercie surtout de votre compassion pour mon français moins qu'idéal : ma langue de naissance est l'anglais et j'essaie de m'enseigner mais c'est très complexe !

    A la prochaine


    Moderator translation for the uneducated.

    Pleasant evening everyone,

    First, give me the opportunity to show my appreciation for all the interesting information that I have encountered this nice forum.

    I'm not sure being in the right section but I have not seen better.

    I live in Georgetown, Canada. I am 46 years and I raise three very nice children who are all aged between 6 and 15 years (1 is adopted). I love animals and I tempt to offer items that make it the most splendid existence.

    I thank you now for all the great debates in the future and thank you especially for your compassion for my French less than ideal: my native language is English and I try to teach me but it is very complex!

    The next

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    I think you should let her in! Our Sophie goes in and out as she pleases. For the most part she wants to be with us. She is asleep at my feet now. Labs love people. She has been tied for all those months, and now has found someone to connect with, YOU! She needs you. Its kind of like another way of confining her when she isn't allowed in with her peeps! Labs aren't the kind of dogs that do well living outside, they need their family. I believe that once she realizes that you are all her family, she will be able to be apart from you a little longer. Right now, she has no way to know if you're always going to be there. Rescued dogs often come with baggage, but with love and patience they usually come out of it.

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    Yes thankyou for the home you are giving a previously unappreciated dog. At least she is young and has not spent a lifetime like that. My lab spends all of his time with either myself or my husband. He is very fortunate that my husband is retired and he is a very good companion to us as well. Yes labs love to be with their family and yours has a lot to catch up on.

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