My name is Sathya and I have these two angels called Leo and Doodle both are brothers by birth and are now 8 weeks old. They had been separated from their mom for a long time and I am taking care of them for over a month now. I was staying in Delhi (India) untill last week and my house was air-conditioned. I never had a problem with them. Both of them have been vaccinated and had regular check up with a vet. Last week I landed in Chennai and its pretty hot over here. Also I dont have a air-condition, so both Leo and Doodle spend their time in the bathroom trying to cool themselves. So my first question:
1. Is it ok for lab to spend most of the time in the water?

secondly, have been feeding they Royal Canin (Labrador retriever 33) both were keen eaters, however yesterday they just had lunch, post to which since it was hot I gave them some ice cream? ever since then they have stopped eating.

2. Please advice if this behavior is ok or should i change to some other diet for them?