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    DefaultNew puppy!

    I just got a female yellow lab 2 weeks ago. She is now 10 weeks old. She is doing great so far. House breaking has been so easy. She started ringing the bell to go outside after about 3 days, and she is already walking on a leash really well. She tries to pull occasionally, but we are working on that. I am just hoping to keep her from eating our couch. I just found this web site and am looking forward to reading other experiences with their labs. This is our second lab. We had to put our first lab down a couple of years ago at 10 years of age. She had lots of severe skin allergy problems her whole life. I got Bella (my new puppy) from a breeder that I know had healthy parents so I hoping she will have a healthier life.

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    Welcome Your dog sounds like a fun puppy. Sorry for your loss of your other lab. Post pics of your puppy please
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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