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    My name is Amy, I have rescued two yellow labs in my adult life. I just love labs, love to play with them, love walking them, love the unconditional love. Currently I am labless, I had to put my second lab to sleep on 5/10/11 from Lymphoma, I am not ready to get another dog yet but will as soon as I am ready, can't live without one for long.

    Here is my last post to all my dog loving friends on my Daisy girl:

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that Scott and I put Daisy to a peaceful sleep May 10, 2011 around 5:50p.m EST from her two year battle with Lymphoma. We didn’t know what to do today so we took her back to the Oncologist and she had a 104 fever and was very sick, they gave her fluids to keep her comfortable till we got there. I got there before Scott, my girlfriend Tracy brought me and Tracy gave her a new toy and she has a little spring in her step from the fluids and was was playing with her toys and I thought okay rebound #100. The Oncologist said that the fluids brought her temperature down and when she heard Tracy and I she wanted to please us and gave us her all so I was thinking maybe we could take her home because she was going towards the door she wanted out. I took her to do her business and she kept looking for my car, dad’s car, the labvan, Michael’s car, all the cars that took her for her chemo for the last eight months. When we got back in the office and after Tracy left and Scott got there, the Oncologist confirmed that the fluids are just a temporary comfort probably keep her comfortable thru the day and possibly thru the night so I talked to Scott and said Scott let’s bring her home, let’s call Dr. Kevin, let’s bring her for her last car ride and bring her to her peaceful house and we did. After we got home, Scott started digging the grave and I was in loving on her and then Daisy and I went out, she looked at Scott and I told her that is where she’ll be resting and she’ll always be able to protect us from there, always. I went back in, Scott came in and we had another hour or so just loving and talking to her, then the vet came and we put her down in her room, we looked into her eyes and after they left, Scott and I took a few minutes, wrapped her up in a nice blanket and then put double bags over her and then we carried her out and put her head looking towards the driveway so we can say hi to her everyday. We both filled her grave together and said our goodbyes. We put rocks around the area for now so we’ll know where she is and we’ll going to get flowers and do something special. Daisy is resting in peace, hopefully with Lizzie. Mommy and Daddy are going to miss her so much, she was the best dog ever.

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    Welcome to the forum. So sorry about your recent loss

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    Welcome Sorry bout your loss
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Welcome and so sorry for your loss. It sounds like Daisy had a wonderful, loving last day...that is all we can do for them sometimes. Prayers for you and your family through this difficult time.

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    So sorry for your loss...we lost our 6 year old lab/golden mix to lymphoma last Dec 1. What a tragic disease.
    We just adopted a black lab puppy. Her name is Artemis and she's an absolute doll...but also a mess!

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