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    Hello all....My name is Julie and my partner's name is Franki... we have a lab that was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right hind leg just 2 1/2 weeks ago. We have his story on our Facebook page and on a Chip in website. We don't normally go public and ask for money, but he needs that leg amputated ASAP and the surgery is $600, and that's not including aftercare. His other mama is a disabled veteran of the OIF/OEF conflict... He is on chemo right now 3x/week and so far, is doing great on it. But he is really hurting and ready to get that leg off. It started in his knee and is now the size of a softball. He struggles daily not to land wrong or sit on that side because of the pain....plus, the Dr. said if he hits it just right, it will shatter, causing excruciating pain!! If anyone of you could please spare even a $1, all dollars add up . I've included the name of his new Dr. below and donations can be made directly to the vet..we don't even need to see the money...You can call us if you'd like...or email us....or feel free to call the vet and verify what I have written. We really appreciate you taking the time to read Chuewy's story. Please keep him in your puppy prayers!

    Thank you so much
    ~Franki & Julie

    The vet info is:

    Weakley County Animal Hospital
    110 Weldon Drive
    Martin, TN 38237
    (731) 587-5319

    And to read Chuewy's story, go to link below: (disregard the previous vet information...we are NO LONGER WITH THAT VET!!!)

    ChipIn: My dog has cancer

    Also, you can make a donation directly thru this chipin site, if you'd like.

    Again, thank yall so much....Chuewy thanks you too!!
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