Hiya From Colorado! :)
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Thread: Hiya From Colorado! :)

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    LightbulbHiya From Colorado! :)

    Hi everyone!! My husband and I will be the proud owners of two labrador pups this July and are super excited!! I've been reading this forum for all my questions and concerns...you guys are awesome!! I'm super excited to be the owner of a labrador they are such great dogs. Anywho I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and especially other labrador owners in Colorado.
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it. You can get great info
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    Are you sure you want to get 2 puppies? They are awfully difficult to raise at the same time with all the individual training you will need to get done with both of them. Not to mention reputable breeders will not typically sell anyone but a VERY SEASONED dog family more than 1 pup at a time.

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    welcome to hte board and congrats.

    and I realize this isn't what you likely want to hear but I agree with the above - consider your thoughts on taking two puppies very seriously (and realistically). It sounds great to have siblings, so they always have a friend. But it is ALOT of work. In fact, it is more than TWICE the work of having only 1 puppy (and take a peak at the training section about how much work just 1 puppy is). They need to be crated seprately and you must spend individual time with them regularly (they should be out of ear shot and visibility when you do training and you should be training daily) and they need to be taking out in public seperately. The hardest part of having littermates is raising two independant dogs that respects you the humans first and not just each other.
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