DOn- 2months old golden lan
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Thread: DOn- 2months old golden lan

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    UnhappyDOn- 2months old golden lan

    Hi we have just got home a two month old golden lab - he was down with a stomach infection for the first 5 days ... now when he has regained his strenght he is teething - biting - barking at everyone and even snapping .. what cud be the reason and how long does this last

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    The only reason for this is his age and his training. You need to get him enrolled in obedience training.

    BTW you only get yellow Labs. Goldens are a different breed of retriever.

    As you can see from my sig pic they play hard with each other ( Bitey face ) You need to discourage that with humans and that's where the obedience comes in. If he nips you tap him on the nose or give him a toy to chew on and encourage him to play with the toy. I doubt that waht you call snapping is aggression at 8 weeks old so discourage it !

    Labradors chew constantly - some never stop - some chew for a couple of years. If you haven't thought of or researched the breed then I would suggest that you also invest in a crate and train him to use it ( start by feeding him in there or giving him treats to make it a fun place ) before he destroys your house ! You will eventually need to leave him on his own and with a crate can be sure that he wont get into something that he shouldn't !

    ETA - Welcome BTW Look forward to seeing pictures and maybe your choice of name.

    Also see this thread ! Happy reading.
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    Agree with the above - that sound about right for a puppy. He's a baby, he needs to be trained and encouraged to behave properly. Look into puppy kindergarten classes (once he is old enough - but start searching now) then obediece classes.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Agree with everyone else. The obedience will be a good thing also i will tell you know do NOT roll him over on his back!
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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