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    DefaultHello from Max and his Mom

    Max, my first lab will be old enough to come home with me in just over a week. I have had dogs in my life all my life, but never a lab. The largest dog I have shared my life with is a shepherd/golden retriever mix who is about 14 now, who was a shelter rescue 6 years ago, and has advanced arthritis in her spine and will not be able to be with us much longer. A good friend of mine offered to let me pick from a litter of labs, and to pay for the first shots as well. I am going through a difficult marital separation, in addition to knowing that I need to put my shepherd mix down soon, and her offer was one that I couldn't refuse. Max is the first thing I have been truly excited about in a long time.
    I have already looked into obedience training, have ordered books on training, have purchased the essentials and a few extras, and am working on making sure that we (my 12 year old son and I) give him the best possible start and raise him to be a well behaved, and therefore a happier and more enjoyable member of our family.
    In addition to my shepherd mix, I also have a Yorkie who I took in two years ago when her owner realized that it wasn't working out well with his two toddlers, and was frustrated with her apparent inability to be successfully house trained. (She still has accidents, but has made very good progress.)
    I welcome any advice or suggestions on raising and training a lab. I will tell you that I was daunted by the idea of choosing ONE puppy from a litter of 7 beautiful labs--but it was much easier than I though--he chose us! I had told myself not to fall for a black lab because of the hair, and that it would probably be better to choose a female because she might be smaller and perhaps easier to manage (I am a very petite woman and it is possible that Max could weigh more than I do--I met a black lab at our Vets office who is 120 pounds! With those thoughts in place, Max--both a black lab and a male, picked us.
    I am looking forward to talking with other lab owners and learning more about the breed.
    All the best!

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    congrates and just to let you no they love to chew so lots of things that are important need to stay high and 120 pounds for a lab is what i call obese my black labrador tank only ways 65 pounds you can not see his ribs but feel them!i am sorry to hear about your mix if you go to rainbow bridge you can see peoplewho have lost their beloved pets i lost my black lab cross abbey 4-5 years ago and i miss her so much nothing is the same but she died andi saved tank from an abusive owner and rescued bentley from the pound last summer! A heads up labs are round year shedders so no matter the color lots of hair i hve black and yellow hair plus more hair from my moms dogs!With training i would see if he like treats or toys better tank is food responsive and praise and bentley is more of a good game of tug or to throw a ball when training!dog weight chart - The Purina Body Condition System
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Welcome...I am sorry to hear about your golden/shepherd mix, it is very difficult to see them grow old. Congrats on your new puppy. I am sure you will get lots of great advice here. Come back and post lots of pic's of the new little one and all your other babies

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