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    Hello my name is Jeff and I am writing here to seek some help for my 5 yr old male Black Lab Ben. Ben is the greatest dog in the world, so happy and playful we love him to death but he has had some bad skin problems over the last few years. He constantly has ear issues with scratching/shaking his head. We have cleaned out his ears and got drops from the vet and it only seems like a temporary fix. He also is really chewing his skin off on his paws and scratching the back of one of his legs. He does this constantly. We were told by the vet that it could be allergies and that Labs have this kind of problem and that we could get him tested and end up giving him shots. I would do anything to Ben but I hear these types of tests are very expensive and the shots dont always work. I wanted to see if anyone has had simliar issues with their lab and any solutions. I was told he could be allergic to the dog food we feed him, Purina One Lamb and Rice. Thank you for your time and attention to this post.

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    I have the EXACT same problems with Tucker...he is now almost 9 and I am STILL paying for tests, trying out medications, is VERY frustrating...first thing I would try if I were you would be to change his diet to a Limited Ingredient Diet...I liked Royal Canin Duck and Potato, but it was very expensive and only available through the vet...I have since switched to Natural Balance Duck and is a bit better, but not "fixed"...I also give Tucker allergy pills...he was on Atopica, but again, VERY expensive and I didn't see results...good luck and report back...would love to know if you find anything that works!!

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    have you tried OTC antihistamines yet ?
    Benadryl, chlorpheniramine worked for Bud.
    Also, Grizzly Salmon Oil, and when there is a
    flare up we do a short course of steroids.
    My Bear benefitted greatly from the shots, and
    Bud isnt bad enough to put him through all the
    testing. Good luck to you and welcome !
    Buddy 11

    bella 5

    Bruno 3

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    I second a food ingredient diet would be my first try. I'd more likely try something with a little more of an exotic protein source first, like natural Balance Bison & Sweet Potato or Venison and Sweet Potato. I feel like I hear of so many dogs that are allergic to the common protein sources (chicken, turkey, lamb).
    I'd also get some Grizzly Salmon Oil and add that to his food.

    The testing is expensive, so I'd do more research on my own and try different foods to see if there is any relief there.
    Good Luck!

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    Welcome, you have been given some great advice. I hope Ben gets some relief from this soon.

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