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    Joined for Kera's First Birthday (Feb 14). We have had Germans Shepards and Rottweilers, this is our first Black Lab.
    We have not had a puppy in 25 years, so this was a treat. We have been retrained.
    She was very bright from the get go. By the end of a month she was alert to her name, sit, stay (adhd does still have her), retrieve not necessarily drop, her poop/pee was commendable from the first week. She doesnot like dirty area..very glad as most of my dogs were very good unless home too long or ill).
    Do to limited income, no vehicle I was not able to take her everywhere like my other show offs. She is with me daily so I have some problems introducing her to visitors, she likes to jump (her dad was a jumper), She can get aggressive moods esp with winter right now not enough outside time. She doesnot bite, but she can be a handful. So repeated lessons are still ongoing. Treats, hugs, belly rubs her rewards, latter preferable to me.
    She is a lovely 70 pounds of shiny coat. She has lovely features and will post in future. She has had her first heat so neutering is next. We didnot get papered as we felt the need to take in puppies who would end up in shelters was more responsible.
    Did the Paper routine, not impressed, doesnot make for good dogs, breeders or owner.
    Not interested in breeding. I had been so used to dogs for so many years that the past 5 without was sad for me. Their companionship, their loyalty, and that warning when someone comes even a mouse, was sorely missed.
    We hope to learn how to have better manners...owner and pup. How to listen to each other so as to respond to each other.

    I have to laugh at new puppies, we all learn that they are a lesson in how to raise any child. We had dogs that loved things because we allowed them to. I never had furniture destroyed and wouldnot have put up with it, I did have a mattress made into a nest for the litter so that was a lesson to learn. I had horse and goats so I always had No Chew, deterrent for farm critters like horses who love chewing. But we made a mistake of giving our puppies old socks. Daughter and I wrapped them/knotted them into a pull toy. Problem is your dog doesnot know the difference between old vs new...forewarn all friends..stay with puppy toys for dogs size. Then I went to work one day and my Rottie, Fraulein decided to eat all my left foot of leather..leather shoes. I was so upset but it was tooo late. I took the shoes to a place called Good Shepard Home who worked with people who have disabilities. Lemons into Lemonade...but we warned people not to give personal belongings as pups just do not understand Your concept of new or important. Nike or store brand means absolutely nothing.
    But I have learned what not to leave around, and she keeps us on our toes because even at 1, she gets bored and looks at ways to get our attention, no different than any child.
    Didnot crate train but gave her a room 10x 10 that will be our bathroom. We did negotiate difference between a correction, time out because we didnot want her to hate her room. She now knows there is still times when we need her to go to her room. She complies.
    All in all I found this breed delightful for as long as I knew people with Retreivers. She has some adjustments yet, jumping up, not stopping when we play to calming down. I did find taking away the more aggressive toys like pulls in evening better. She does some humping so I have had hard time with letting her have pillow beds. I have taught her no go in or on our furniture, so it is still a work in progress.

    I would like to add that I hope we look for American made toys. I am an environmentalist. There are real warning out there about things being imported, esp children and animal toys with over the US allowable amounts of lead and other harmful toxins. I hope we can share some ideas on learning toys, I stay with rubber type, nylabone type for gums/teeth. She is a shredder so fabric may come later but not now. Most puppies love to shred, tear, I live in woods I teach all my dogs to retreive. Sticks are readily available, Labs love to chew on wood. I allow as it is cheaper than furniture and too many toys. But I have a lot to learn about Labs I feel that forums are such a great way to learn and share.

    Be careful of smoke around your dogs/pups it does affect them. make sure all those things we take for granted for cleaning, wearing are put out of their way/behind closed doors. Dogs do not read labels. Learn about the foods they should not have. I do not agree with the garlic but I understand that each dog like humans have different reactions to different things. Maybe someone here has dog safety advice and puppy/dog first aid kit. There are many good videos online for how to help a pet if something happens even cpr. Be as safe around your puppy/dog as you would be around a child. Patience, Praise, Practice. (Then close the door and pull your hair out)

    Hope to see you now and then. Hope we all have long, loving relationships with our Pets.

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    welcome and hope you have fun with her i grew up with rottweilers and it is a big change from those to dogs have all ben rescues my latest which you will read alot about more then likely i got 4 months or more from the pound he was going to be put down and i had to give away my gsd due to a problem we had and got bentley and it was fun having a puppy with tank who was severly abused before i got him at the age of i have 2 more puppies
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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