We brought our new lab puppies home to New Mexico in December and have been reading the forum for a while now. I finally figured out how to load a photo of them and decided we would introduce ourselves. Coco is three days older than Abbey and both are from different litters and lines. They are a joy to our "empty nest". We have been waiting to get them for a long time. We didn't want to get another dog until one of us was able to be home with them during the day. My husband is now retired and the daytime caregiver for the "girls". They are a handful but so sweet and loveable. This forum was suggested to me by another lab owner and it has been a blessing during the past couple of months as we have been training puppies and being trained ourselves. To say they have touched and captured our hearts is an understatement. They are 19 weeks old this week. They are still trying to grow into their "feet"! I will post a newer photo soon. Glad to be part of the discussions at last.