A few firsts for Amber
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Thread: A few firsts for Amber

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    DefaultA few firsts for Amber

    I had the chance to try Quartering with Amber yesterday. This was a first for both Amber and I. A trainer was helping to explain how to do everything and when to get a sit and or a steady, etc. Amber found the first planted pigeon and froze and then jumped on it so I had her sit and took it from her and we worked on just having her stand and watch the bird, then I tossed it and the gunner shot it, but only just nicked it and it flew all the way over to a pond and landed in it. We called it a no bird and Quartered to another bird and this time did a little better on steadying and then I flushed it and they shot it and Amber retrieved it just fine. Then the trainer I was with said I should go pick up the Pigeon in the pond as a blind. Having only done sight blinds till now this was our very first real live blind. It was about 75 yards from the shore and I positioned Amber so it was a channel blind (she swam between a dike and an island). She didn't take a very good initial line but I let her go a bit and then gave her an "over" and then a "back" I had to do that once more as she got further out and she poped once on the way out. I know it wasn't a pretty blind but it was an actual hunting situation and she did find and come back with the bird so I couldn't be more proud of her.


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    DefaultRe: A few firsts for Amber


    They seem to just "get" quatering all of a sudden after a couple of lessons. Its pretty cool.
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    DefaultRe: A few firsts for Amber

    Great, Kelly! Sounds like a lot of fun! Some of the tests actually include some quartering, don't they?

    Cool about the blind, too- good girl, Amber!!!

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    DefaultRe: A few firsts for Amber

    Congratulations!!!! That's great!


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