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    WHY I Hunt

    I have been hunting for almost 50 years. Waterfowl hunting with my labs for about 30 years.

    My kids started hunting when they needed a hunters education course, which I attended with them. One of of the conservation officers explained the 3 hunter stages and it stayed with me.

    l. The killing stage
    2. The trophy hunter stage
    3. The laid back stage -

    #3 is the stage I am in. I am here to tell you that once I reached this stage, hunting became so much more enjoyable. It is more about being with your family, taking your grandkids for their first hunt and seeing your lab make a great retrieve.

    Just being out and enjoying the hunt whether you take game or not.

    Hunting season is upon us, so be safe, laid back and enjoy SEE YA in the Field eH

    These bands represent my 30 years of waterfowling. Each band represents not just a bird taken, but who you were with, which lab retrieved and the sights and sounds of that HUNT.

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    DefaultRe: WHY

    You said that very well. My husband is a #3 also. They will be leaving the end of the month for two weeks of duck hunting in Canada. He always says....even though you may not see many ducks, it is still a wonderful day when you are out with your lab & good friends with their labs watching the dogs make their retrieves & see their excitement. There have been some days during the season when the ducks are scarce but it is always a good day on the water.

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    DefaultRe: WHY

    That is so cool. My hubby is in stage three as well. He is going out for early goose season this Saturday and he is like a young kid before Christmas.

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    DefaultRe: WHY

    HEY UP ...oldkr!

    Same place your at...a definite Level 3 sort!

    Try this! Get yourself a good Digital Camera and/or a nice HD Movie Camera. Start taking pics and video of your hunts.

    Take those pics and video and either using the Software on most new computers or go buy an inexpensive Movie Making piece of software start put'n short Hunting Movies. Sign up for a YouTube FREE Account and store the completed products there. LOTS of FUN!

    Years ago my dogs used to get me into some FINE Duck Hunts. Now all my buddies have good dogs so get'n into good spots that way has dwindled down. The pictures and movie deals has now started opening up new doors to hunt with new folks on some FINE SPOTS!

    Good Luck and ENJOY

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    DefaultRe: WHY

    Thats so cool. My favorite part of hunting is watching good dog work. Ill go watch my dogs put birds up and never take a shot and i consider that a sucessful hunt. I just lost my lab 3 months ago. I didnt think i could get that attached to a dog but his death was unexpected andwas hard. But those memories i had were awesome.


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