Amber got a live flyer Duck today!
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Thread: Amber got a live flyer Duck today!

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    Default Amber got a live flyer Duck today!

    I never thought about it till just a little while ago but Amber has only ever had one live flyer duck in her life. It was two years ago when she got her WC, they shot one live flyer duck. Well today I was watching and helping out at the mock hunt test and when they were done running all the dogs they had two live ducks left. They offered to shoot me one for helping out, so of course I ran and grabed Amber. They only wounded it and it was still alive when Amber got it. Amber brought it back no problem but by the time I got it it was pretty well drowned and just twitching a little bit. I should have stopped them from shooting it a second time once it was in the water and let her have more of a runner, but still anytime you get a free shot winger its good!

    Kelly and Amber and Ready

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    DefaultRe: Amber got a live flyer Duck today!

    Yay, Kelly and Amber! Yesterday was Monty's first live flier duck... He was off like a rocket after that thing! Made me feel better, and I was able to bring home some semi-fresh ducks for the freezer in hopes of using them for future training.

    Also- about the conversation yesterday about "duck-dropping dreams"...I had a dream last night that, after getting home from Prado and upon bathing the gross pond scum off of Monty, I found about a billion little cream-colored ticks underneath his fur, especially on his legs and underside. :vomit: BLECH! It was like he had tiny tumors growing all over his skin/body. Then (still part of the dream), the next morning, the cats and Libby were also covered with those little suckers. I hate ticks...ew, ew, EW! :scare:

    Thanks for your help last night throwing some birds and showing me the Zinger, too. I'm excited to help out at the hunt test next weekend, and am VERY confident that Amber will pass with flying colors!

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Amber got a live flyer Duck today!

    Lucky Amber. It is always great when they can get a live flyer.

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    DefaultRe: Amber got a live flyer Duck today!

    I wasn't aware that was her first flyer. Glad I stepped back and let you take it then

    My girls were crappy yesterday. I guess that's what 5 weeks of vacation and no training does

    Julie, you handled Monty's "no go" perfectly! I was so proud of you. A lot of us were. Monty did great and so did you! LMAO about the tick dream. I had the same dream when I found a tick on me from throwing birds all afternoon one day sitting under those trees!

    I still have 2 openings to fill for Marshals at the Toller Specialty Saturday, Oct 4th. Let me know if anyone is interested. Kelly is already signed up.


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