Proofing for Earthquakes
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Thread: Proofing for Earthquakes

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    As some of you may know we had an Earthquake in southern California today. It was centered very near Chino Hills. I happened to be at the Praddo dog training center in Chino/Chino Hills about 6 miles from the epicenter. I had just had Amber heel and sit and was going to send her for a bumper (working the T pattern). I felt the quake stark and so just waited an concentrated on keeping my balance, as soon as the quake stopped (3-5 seconds) I sent Amber on a Back and she went no problem. I wasn't sure how she would react but thought it best to just pretend like this was no big deal and I had everything under control. I am glad I had a chance to Proof her for

    Kelly and Ready and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Proofing for Earthquakes

    Boy that would have been scary!.

    Have we got anyone from north of San Francisco here?. Did you feel it?.

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    Oh dear! I was supposed to be out there with Wendy. Good job for Amber!


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