Class #2 - darn humidity
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    DefaultClass #2 - darn humidity

    Class #2 was good, but it was humid and all the dogs were low on energy.

    Happy Bumpers with extra distance (and a gunner). Rocky did good for two throws and we did get some distance the second time around. But after that he was having none of it. He would not look at the gunner (who was doing a good job of being interesting adn calling out/waving). When he did look and saw the bumper fall, he's look elswhere and play "what bumper? I didn't see a bumper!" so we called it quits. He shuts down in the heat so all in all he did good. I have no idea how those of you in the south work in the heat! (i'm ok but Rocky really doesn't do well)

    I can't say "mark" though! When I do he looks up at me haha. Something to work on.

    So most dogs only went up once for maybe 3 throws. Another dog was preparing to go but laid down facing away from teh gunner so they called it quits there to. Some dogs were very willing to go but were clearly very hot so they called it quits as well (no point in trying to train when they are so hot).

    We will soon be introducing gun shots at a distance.

    As the dogs were finished earlier we talked about about WC and Hunt testing. She seems to be recommending WC for the moment.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Class #2 - darn humidity

    Training right now is tough for everybody, novices and pros alike. I get up at 6 a.m. to train my two dogs and about 30 minutes is all I get out of them on land work. I have no idea how the pros that have 8 or 10 dogs can get enough quality training in on all their dogs. Glad to hear things are moving along well for you.

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    DefaultRe: Class #2 - darn humidity

    Sounds like a great class, but I agree about the heat. Last weekend (and this one, I'm pretty sure) we spent virtually 99% of our time doing water work and we started 30 min earlier in hopes of catching a bit of the evening cool still (7:30am instead of 8am) both days. Thank goodness, since it was already over 100-degrees F by 10:30am! Ugh. :surprise:

    I don't even bother competing with my girl Libby in the summertime...she is a dog who completely melts in the sun/heat and won't do a thing. We've had to schedule any obedience/rally competitions in the late fall through early spring because of it. Being a Seattlite myself, I don't really like the heat either, but take it much better than the dogs.

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