weepy eye--check teeth!
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Thread: weepy eye--check teeth!

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    this is the second dog it's happened to.
    Belle seemed a little 'down', not all the time, but often enough to notice.
    then during the weekend i noticed her left eye was just a tad weepy, with a little mucus...could have been 'morning eye'
    i looked for a foreign body, flushed it, didn't find anything.
    could have been the sudden change in the weather, from cold & rainy to Hot & dusty......except for a previous occurence, i would probably ignored it for quite awhile, it was just that minor-looking.
    but a few years ago, our Daisy had the same problem, so today i looked long & hard at the big upper molars, and sure enough, one is cracked right up into the gumline.
    so, extraction surgery is scheduled for friday.
    it is rare, [but not rare enough for me!], for bacteria to enter through the cracked area, which usually results in runaway inflammation of the brain, very difficult to treat.
    so if your pup has a weepy eye that doesn't clear with removal of an object/flushing, look hard at the teeth [especially uppers] and get it taken care of!

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    DefaultRe: weepy eye--check teeth!

    Sorry to hear of the tooth. Thanks for the info on what to check for. I thought I was doing so well till a foxtail emerged :no:

    I am hopping for a speedy recovery!

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    DefaultRe: weepy eye--check teeth!

    Wow. Good information. I would never have thought to check the teeth for a weepy eye. Thanks for posting.


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