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    Well, we had a swollen paw that started on Saturday afternoon. All day Sunday, Gidget couldn't put pressure on her paw and it started to swell. Monday AM, a paw the size of a golfball with and abscess on the middle toe.

    Trip to the vet and leaving her for the day, $275
    a tongue lashing by our field trainer, PRICELESS!!! :'(

    I checked everywhere but in between the toes for foxtails. Gidget is now down for the count for about a week. :no: Make sure to do a thorough check.

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    DefaultRe: Foxtails - Check your dogs - Crosspost from LC

    Good point. Poor Gidget...I'm so sorry to hear about her injury! Ugh! 'Tis the season...

    Also remember that foxtails get in and can also migrate under the skin as the dog moves. I know of several journal articles that were case reports involving dogs who had foxtails that migrated from a foot up into their chest cavity and a couple where the foxtails had even lodged in their brains! :scare: The latter, likely from being inhaled through the nostrils, but still scary nonetheless. They can be found just about anywhere.

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    DefaultRe: Foxtails - Check your dogs - Crosspost from LC

    Good point Julie. I am bummed. I was hoping to run her in the Super Singles next Saturday. :no:

    I've been given a couple of tips for your field medical kit on foxtails:
    Can of Coke - If you think a foxtail was snorted, syringe some coke up the dogs nose to get it to sneeze it out
    Mineral Oil - Same as above, but the oil will lubricate the foxtail and hopefully get it to pass without latching onto to anything.
    If you walk a field with your dog that may have foxtails, make sure that they are carrying a bumper, that way they won't be putting their nose down to snort up a foxtail.


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