Belle is 5 1/2 months old now and full of love. Basic training is going really well. We are having backyard no leash sessions. She comes to calling her name and whistle. She is sitting on the raised arm command better than voice command.

We got our first real snow storm here a couple weeks ago. Boy was that something new for Belle. She kept trying to catch snowflakes. She loves the snow.

We noticed blood on Bay a few days ago after a "Wild Girls" session. Belle is losing her puppy teeth. She has been gnawing on her bones a lot lately. She isn't a chewer really. More a stealer.

She slips into the bedroom and steal socks and other personal items. Even shoes. She runs up to show you what she has. She is so proud of her finds. No problem with the give command.

Wild Girls

My wife had Belle outside yesterday as she was off from work and her comment was there wasn't a bird that flew by that she didn't notice. If those words weren't candy to this bird hunter.

While I can whoa Bay on our backyard wild turkey flock it may take a little persuading with Belle.

All and all things are going well with Belle who we call Bay's "mini me".

Raising a puppy is a lot of work. The morning and evening outside time. Just like a child you constantly have to know where they are and what kind of mischief they may be getting into. Feeding needs to be on a schedule etc., etc., etc., but you know what....

I'd do it again in a dogbeat.

Take it from a couple of empty nesters, having Bay and Belle and the love we share for both has strengthened our marriage. I love the women I call my better half for her commitment to our brace of yella' dogs.