This post is in two parts because the site only allows four pictures per post.

It was a brisk eight degrees this morning when the Ford pulled into Sampson's Bay. It could have been zero and it wouldn't have affected this crew. The couple inches of powder snow that had been on the ground for week meant if it walked we'd know where it had been.

So up the mountain we went. While partridge were the quarry the tracks in the snow said deer, turkey, snowshoe hare, fox, coyote, squirrels and one lone partridge call Camp Mountain home.

After our hunt we took a walk around the perimeter of our campsite.

The deer have been visiting the apple tree hoping for the last of this fall's crop to drop. Looks like a feral cat is keeping the mouse population in check. It is living under the out buildings. A fox has a urine post on the lawn.

It wasn't until I went to the front of the old homestead that I saw we have a resident partridge.

This is a first for Bay's Place.