Training my First Gun Dog!
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Thread: Training my First Gun Dog!

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    DefaultTraining my First Gun Dog!

    My Fiance and I are training our first gun dog. We brought Bacon home a few weeks ago and are eager to start training. We hope to have a hunting companion for waterfowl, pheasant, and grouse hunting next year. For you more experienced trainers, when should we start working on training hunting skills?? He can from a line of pointing labs, and we can already see him pointing (its pretty awesome!!). He has been in the water twice, but we have had an extremely cold fall in Minnesota. The thing that we are both most concerned about is getting him to have a soft mouth. Any tips?? Thanks!!
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    Congratulations on your new pup! Its never too early to start working on the skills that are needed to be a good gun dog. Find a proven training program and stick to it. Smartworks by Evan Graham, Mike Lardy's TRT, or I highly recommend Bill Hillman's Training a retriever puppy. Its very informative and will give you a solid foundation to build upon. Good luck!

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