Gun Dog Clubs In Houston TX?
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Thread: Gun Dog Clubs In Houston TX?

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    DefaultGun Dog Clubs In Houston TX?

    Does anyone know of any gun dog clubs in Houston? I am looking for a good group of guys or gals that know more about dog training than I do that would like to get together to keep their dogs at their prime and teach ma a few things.

    I am not interested in doing hunt tests or do I treat my dog as just a tool for hunting. He is a family pet as well as a companion in the field and I want to keep it that way. I have no experience with dog clubs so my theory of them may be off but I have done some research online and found some in the Houston area but they seem pretty extreme for my taste but maybe someone would be willing to educate me.

    Thanks for all of the help.

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    I am not sure what you mean by extreme. Is there any events these clubs put on that you could go & watch? We have memebrs in our club that run hunt tests, do agility and some just want trained hunting dogs. So maybe you could find a club that has groups that train together.Most people are always willing to help newcomers. Good luck.

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