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    I just put my deposit down on a started lab. I hunt in thick marsh in southwest la. My question is : I'm told she will only grow to around 55#, will she be tall enough to handle the marsh? I pick her up up in 2 weeks and she has plenty of drive with titles on both parents.

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    We hunt in some very thick mud at times, which is also complicated by high cover. My Labs are mostly small (55 -60 pounds) and they have all learned to manage it. I think it's actually easier for a little dog to get out of marshy muddy stuff than for a big dog- although taller dogs have an advantage seeing over the cover You should definitely ask the person you are buying her from if she has experience in the marsh though- if she doesn't, it may be something you want to first introduce in a controlled (training) setting- don't want her first hunt with you to be overwhelming.
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