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    DefaultNew member! Need advice

    Hi there

    I'm new here and have just joined up, my family has a 2 year old golden Labrador. And with me being in to hunting and outdoor sports I'm looking to take him out retrieving. He has no problems with swimming at all and if I was to throw a object in the water he happily jumps in and brings it back and drops it next to me and also the dog is very obedient and will sit as stay when told

    I am looking to bring it beating with me next season, does anyone else take there's beating with them and do you think I would have a problem taking him?


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    By beating I'm guessing you are hunting upland birds? Or??

    He needs to be conditioned to gunfire or you might end up with a gunshy dog. He also really should be steady to wing and shot before you take him upland hunting, for safety. If he flushes a bird for you and leaps into the air after it you may wind up shooting your own dog.

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    He's comfortable around gunfire as its been on a farm while birds have been shot with the shotgun, going to train it on the fake ducks and other objects see how I get on. Cheers

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