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    Wave my 11 month old pup won a Super Singles Event last weekend. Super singles is just a club sponsored event that Inland Valley Retrievers hosts every year, it is either 5 or 6 single marks (5 this year) and is scored by how well the dog takes a line to a bird. it is divided into two classes Unsteady Junior titles and below, and Steady Senior leg and above. They give a score from 0 to 10 (10 is pinning, 9 is going past and hooking back, 8 is small hunt, 7 medium hunt, 6 cheating test (cheating water, cheating cover, etc) and so on.
    Wave got a 9 on the first bird and a 10 on the remaining 4 birds and won the event yeah!!!.
    1st mark was a simple shot duck with dog having to go over 1 dike to get to the bird.
    2nd was a down the shore bird thrown straight back at the dog with a dike in the way. A lot of dogs ran around the water on this mark because the line to the bird was only 10 feet from the shoreline the whole way out.
    3rd mark was a a simple 130 yard bird on flat ground with a little cover but the start (line) was about 2/3 up the side of a steep hill.
    4th mark was about the same distance but slightl angled down hill start and retired gunners with a mound and medium cover.
    5th mark was a shot duck with about a 30 yard land entry into the pointed end of a tear shaped pond and then over a dike and down about 6 feet and into another pond. This was the money bird, they ran the dogs from lowest scores to highest scores and Wave was last, only one other dog had gotten into that first pond all the others had ran around it, Wave watched the bird and I sent him and he never slowed down just plowed right into the pond and everyone errupted into cheers! lol I panicked briefly because I did not know what he would do with all the noise, he did not even slow downjust kept going and up and over the dike and into the next pond and grabbed the bird!
    below are pics from the first bird, we were the first dog to run..

    Light, "weedy" individuals are definitely incorrect; equally objectionable are cloddy lumbering specimens. Labrador Retrievers shall be shown in working condition well-muscled and without excess fat. Females should weigh between 55 and 70lbs and Males between 65 and 80lbs. Height females 21.5 to 23.5 inches males 22.5 to 24.5 inches at the withers.

    HR Greenwoods Sealion Tsunami SH "Wave" born 3-9-2010
    Greenwoods Amber Wave VCD2 RA SH AX OF WCX CGC "Amber" born 4-13-2005
    Chino Ca

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    Congratulations, sounds like a great event. Nice pics too.

    SHR UUJ Nog's Knightly Trek to Hollywood JH CD RA CGC ThD - Delta Cert. "Ryder"

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    HRCH Ellie Mae MH CGC
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    Congratulations! Nice pics.

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