16 month old yellow lab
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    Unhappy16 month old yellow lab

    I have a 16 month old lab that i would like to train for ducks any advice? I have never trained for this before.

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    I would repost with a different title, Training for Duck hunting question. Or something like that. We have several hunters on the forum and I am sure you would get some help. Also may help to post it on the Lab Chat Forum which gets a lot more traffic.
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    Probably the most useed methodis using Evan Grahams Smart Work Series. It is comprehensive and easy to follow. You can buy the Smart Fetch Book and Smartwork book, but if you have not done it before then you really also need the videos.
    Another option and probably better or in conjuntion with the above would be to join your local retriever club and start training with them or find a mentor thru them. You can also go to local events, hunt tests, field trials, etc..and talk to the people there and find a group to train with. It is easier to train some of the skills if you have 2-5 people in your training group.
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    Definitely look to see if there is a retriever group near you. Beware-- some interesting, long friendships have been known to form thru such training groups! I had a call yesterday from a guy that I bet was in our regional group 10+ yrs ago-- his dog is 13 now and he had moved from the area but returned and is looking for a pup. It was nice that he had the contacts still!

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    You CAN do it! As suggested, I would get Smartworks Vol 1 book, and the Smartfetch book and DVD, and any of Evan's other DVD's that seem to be helpful. Also, join your local AKC or UKC (or NAHRA if there is one around) club. There WILL be an AKC or UKC club somewhere near you. Having a group of folks that have "been there, done that" is invaluable when the wheels come off. ALL of us have had the wheels come off at one point or another.

    Edit: It looks like you are in Canada, so you may not have UKC/AKC groups, but I bet there is a CanCK group nearby for either HT or FT. They will be glad to help you out with advice.
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