First dog. Male or Female?
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Thread: First dog. Male or Female?

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    DefaultFirst dog. Male or Female?

    Hi everyone, I just joined your forum. I plan on purchasing a lab this spring and would like to know your thoughts on male vs. female dogs. Which would be easier to train? Which are more forgiving with new trainer mistakes? Anyone out there have trained both for for hunting? In general, are males more excitable? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks. Sluggo

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    Not an expert here, but I don't think gender is going to be the discrimantor for the questions you posed. More likely the breed lines will be a better indicator, but even then every dog is an individual and there is no quarantee. The subject of which gender is more likely to be a cuddller has been discussed here frequently with the general tendency that make tend to be more likely to want to lay on your lap, but the exceptions are very common. I think it just depends on the dog.
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    What Ed said, Male vs. Female IMO is more a personal preference. I have always had females, but am thinking of a rescue, male next pup. I think what you need is a good breeder, let them know what you are looking for as far as temperament, activity leve. If you want a pup for hunting, show, agility or just a pal! They are the best at this. Good luck with which ever one you go with, and no matter which one you choose you will be the better for adding a Lab into your life!

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    if you are open to both sexes, keep your options open. Yes there are general traits for the genders (females more aloof, males more lap dogs) but there are more exeptions to those rules than anything. Each PUPPY is different so don't start thinking gender will be better at this or that, even if there are "generalities" it won't hold true for all pups.

    the most important thing is finding the right breeder and the right litter with the temperment and trainability you are looking for (breeding/genetics has MUCH bigger impact on the thigns you mention than sexe). Then letting the breeder, who spends at least 8wks with those puppies and knows them best, to pick the one that best fits your lifestlye/family.

    good luck. Make sure to look for a litter where both parents have been tested for hips, elbwos, heart and eyes at a minimum! (these are not done by basic vet checks either)

    good luck
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    i've asked this question a lot to my different trainers. ANd i always get the same answer. Boys will not question as much as females, there more willing on following the same exact rules you lay out. Females seem to be more problem solvers and will figure out THEIR best way to do what was asked but they are more sensitive, so can keep your training on check, I have noticed this with my two girls and my one boy who passed. Then again these are only 3 labs against the billion out there.

    When all is said and done i would pick the one that works with my temperment and personality. Which is why my next pup the breeder will pick girl/boy .

    good luck!

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    a LOT more male dogs end up given up into rescue or shelters than females

    I personally have had dogs I adored of both sexes but I do think that weird fact is worth noting ... if all was equal between two pups perhaps the female would be more likely to stick

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