Hello everyone,

Recently, we removed a few threads pertaining to a certain breeder. The reason for removing the thread was because it was brought to our attention that a lot of the posts contained in the threads were made by users whom have never had any FIRST-HAND experience(s) with the breeder in question. As such, we were accused of allowing users to defame this breeder and in the interest of not making a mountain out of an ant hill, the best course of action is to remove the content in question.

Let this be a general reminder of the following:

1. This is a privately owned message board and as such, the owners reserve the right to remove content at any time, no questions asked.

2. You are responsible for what you post all the time.

We are not saying you cannot post about breeders. That is one of the purposes of such online communities. What we're asking you to do is to use caution when posting, especially when it is about someone else. It's one thing to have an opinion but when people start making all sorts of claims without any factual backup (which happens quite a lot everywhere), that's when we have to step in (when it's brought to our attention or when we come across it).

Thank you for your attention to this and I really hope we don't have to go around and closing/deleting threads with good discussions...it really isn't our desire for that to happen!