You have just entered the magical world of breeding dogs. Whelp Watch was created as a window into that world. Whelp Watch allows you to view the art of breeding first hand through live webcams.

We all appreciate the miracle of birth, and there is nothing like the anticipation of a normal labor and a healthy litter. We hope to provide a way to glimpse into the life of a litter, showing that raising a litter is hard work, and a labor of love. We also hope to show that breeding dogs is a combination of applying scientific precision, knowledge of the breed, heart and faith to produce the best characteristics possible in that breed. Not everyone has what it takes to successfully, and responsibly raise a litter of puppies. Whelp Watch allows you and your family to enjoy the process from the comfort of your computer chair, leaving the breeding of dogs to those who understand the responsibility of bringing these precious lives into the world.

Webcams have become a popular phenomenon, and there are thousands of them on the Internet. A webcam is a device that allows you to see a real-time view over the Internet. Some live webcams provide a moving picture via streaming video, while others provide a still picture that is updated every few minutes, and some each time the page is reloaded. While you would normally have to browse thousands of sites to find animals giving birth and raising their young live, this site is intended to bring a community of dog breeders together in one place.

Whelp Watch is a new site. We hope to offer you the best selection of canine webcams worldwide. Whelp Watch was specifically designed for the celebration of puppies and dogs. Dogs are our passion and we want to share their births and lives with the world. Anyone can click on the links to the webcams. Only registered users may use the Whelp Watch Forums.

Who can have a link on Whelp Watch? Anyone who has a webcam pointed at their purebred dogs may have a link on Whelp Watch, regardless of your breed or the country in which you live. While we designed Whelp Watch specficially to view bitches prior to, during, and after whelping a litter, however, we're happy to link to the dogs of breeders who have a camera on their adult dogs.