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Thread: disqualification

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    I'm doing a paper and a speech on Labrador Retrievers for school and was wondering if anybody knows of a site that shows examples of disqualifications? I know there used to be one, but I can't remember the address

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    DefaultRe: disqualification

    Disqualifications as far as in the conformation/"breed" ring?

    Here are the disqualifications:

    1. Any deviation from the height prescribed in the Standard.
    2. A thoroughly pink nose or one lacking in any pigment.
    3. Eye rims without pigment.
    4. Docking or otherwise altering the length or natural carriage of the tail.
    5. Any other color or a combination of colors other than black, yellow or chocolate as described in the Standard.

    If you do a search on them, you can probably find good photographs/examples of them.

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    DefaultRe: disqualification

    The LRC Illustrated standard has many great photos of good vs poor representatives of the breed. You can order a copy thru their site or get one for free if you enter a conformation certificate program. I have given all my extra copies to puppy buyers personally. Great book!

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