My Baby, All Grown Up
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Thread: My Baby, All Grown Up

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    DefaultMy Baby, All Grown Up

    Just got back from the beauty parlor with Jed, so he's nice & fluffy. I thought it might be fun to try and take a few pictures of him "just because". One is my very, very feeble attempt to stack him. I know his rear legs are too far behind him & he's not squared at all -- he's never done this before. I've got no intentions of showing him, although his father is a champion (Decoy's Daydream Believer, aka "Jerry"). But I think he's a real looker anyway. Any comments?

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    DefaultRe: My Baby, All Grown Up

    I think he is beautiful!

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    DefaultRe: My Baby, All Grown Up

    Beautiful pictures. Very expressive eyes.
    I will break many hearts 8)

    Happy Holidays and enjoy that beautiful buddy.

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    DefaultRe: My Baby, All Grown Up

    He is very nice, he has a sweet head, nice feet, nice tail...very nice.

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    DefaultRe: My Baby, All Grown Up

    Well, I'm no expert, but I do love his face!! He's got the kind, friendly labrador eyes and a sweet face and head.

    I also love his colouring!!


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