Dog show super Onofrio shut down
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Thread: Dog show super Onofrio shut down

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    DefaultDog show super Onofrio shut down

    Received from another board
    Permission to cross post greanted

    FYI regarding Onofrio (AKC Superintendent).
    ---------- Forwarded Message ----------

    I just learned via Kyle Robinson at Jack's Travel Professionals that the
    Onofrio offices in Oklahoma City are COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN.

    They have no power, no phone lines, no fax lines, and no Internet access
    due to the ongoing ice storm that has hit Oklahoma City and the
    surrounding parts of the country. I have also discovered that there is
    currently "limited" UPS and FedEx delivery in Oklahoma City.

    At this time, they do not know when they will reopen (they are hoping
    they will have power by the end of this week). The Onofrio offices are
    located in what is known as a "non-priority area" (they are not near a
    residential area and there are very few businesses). The local news is
    reporting that it may be a "week or more" before power is restored to
    some areas.

    Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone who is trying
    to either call them or using the "entries on line" service.****


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    DefaultRe: Dog show super Onofrio shut down

    Wow, it must be pretty horrible out there. Thanks for posting this.

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    DefaultRe: Dog show super Onofrio shut down

    They do have a Portland office if you need to reach them....I am sure they are still doing business out of there.


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