Best Books on Dog Shows/Labradors
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Thread: Best Books on Dog Shows/Labradors

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    DefaultBest Books on Dog Shows/Labradors

    I posted when I first joined maybe 6 months ago wanting to learn more about showing Labradors. Over those last 6 months I've been going to as many shows as I can, mostly local (MD,VA). It will probably be another 6 months or so (Spring?) before I bring home a puppy even as just a family pet, but right now what's sort of in the works is the breeder I've been communicating with is going to give me some one on one handling lessons with her dogs, and then I'm going to show one of then in an upcoming show or two.

    In the meantime... I was wondering if there were any books you'd recommend I read whether they be specifically about Labradors or about showing or even about raising a puppy.

    I've got a few long car rides for Thanksgiving and quite a long winter break at the end of the semester and I love to read.

    Here's what I've read so far:
    Dog Eat Dog: A Very Human Book About Dogs and Dog Shows
    The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Showing Your Dog
    The Art of Raising a Puppy
    The Winning Edge

    Suggestions? TIA

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    DefaultRe: Best Books on Dog Shows/Labradors

    I have a few favorites that are breed related...

    Book of the Labrador Retriever by Anna Nicholas
    The Ultimate Labrador Retriever, Second Edition by Heather Wiles-Fone
    The Working Retrievers: The Classic Book for the Training, Care, and Handling of Retrievers for Hunting and Field Trials by Tom Quinn
    The Labrador Retriever by Dorothy Howe
    Labrador Retrievers Today (Book of the Breed Series) by Carole Coode
    Reaching for the Stars: Formerly Advanced Labrador Breeding (The Pure Dog Bred Series) by Mary Roslin Williams
    The New Complete Labrador Retriever (Hardcover)
    by Helen Warwick

    And a couple of show ones, not lab specific:
    The Road to Westminster: How to Select and Train a Purebred Dog and Prepare It for the Show Ring by Robert B. Freeman and Toni C. Freeman
    Breeding and Showing Purebred Dogs: More Adventures on the Road to Westminster by Robert B. Freeman and Toni C. Freeman

    You can find all of these on Amazon, either new or used...

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    DefaultRe: Best Books on Dog Shows/Labradors

    Thanks, thats a great help. There a lot of books out there so I appreciate people opinions on whats worth reading.


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