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    My labrador is 7 months old. He ran away from me about 3 weeks ago and followed some joggers. I did not get him back for 45 LONG minutes. Since I do not have full registration (cannot breed or show him) I will probably get him neutered soon. Do you believe that his behavior of acting protective and his running away will change?
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    Neutering him wont make him stop running away but it is a brilliant idea! Might make him more responsive. You need to put him back on a long line and re train the COME command. But it is normal I would say at his age for him to bolt. I had a hard time with Alfie bolting and its only just now at 2 he listens to me. He still does it occassionally but noway as bad as he was.

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    No, nuetering won't change his behavior, only training will.

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