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    Daughter of the two:

    Daughter still doesn't have enough for me but it's better than mom. Interestingly I bred mom three times. First time to a dog with an okay coat but known for not "improving" (I didn't know that at the time) and second to my dog with a lot of coat and third to another boy with a lot of coat from a line with good coats. The only litter that had a better coat than she was the second and all were an improvement over here with the blacks having great coats and the yellows okay. Fingers crossed I get an even better coat the next generation.

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    yes you do have an improvement on the daughters coat. i would not want to much more, but would want to see more undercoat than the top garth really seems that yellow are harder to get that coat( some people want a black coat on a yellow dog). i have seen this and it is amazing to see a yellow with the black coat. one lady at the potomac this year had a puppy( yellow) with this coat. she claimed she always get this in one puppy out of a litter and that is the one she keeps.i wish i would have taken a picture of that pupp, as it had a great beautiful coat.

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    A very noticable improvement on coat. I think most would say she has a correct coat.

    PS- I just wanna wrap my hands around Clints big 'ol tail!!! (I'm guessing that is who that is!)


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