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    I took some new pictures of a couple of my dogs this weekend.
    Please feel free to give your opinions

    Annabella she turns 1 on 7-13-07. I will say the ground is uneven. They both have a very level topline.

    Stitch turned 2 in May.

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    Pretty dogs.

    I tend to fault judge so I would like to see more front on the bitch and a more level topline and higher tailset on the boy.

    What's their breeding? The boy reminds me of a Clark son named Tabatha's Burly.

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    The girl is Bournhalls Annabella of Glen-Mar ( Ch Ridge View Bugs Bunny x Bournhalls White Diamonds).

    Stitch is Shadow Hill Forever N Mischief (Shadow Hills Carbon Coby x Hywinds Forever Darling).

    He has a very level topline which you can see in the 2nd picture of him. The ones taken in the backyard are not level because my yard is very uneven. It was never leveled after the lines for the septic tank was put in.

    He is not related to Burly or Clark. But I do have a Burly daughter and Anna's grandfather is Clark.

    Here is a picture of my Burly daughter. She is 9 months old in the picture. She is so out of coat I will not post new pictures yet but she now 15 months old.



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