A wonderful weekend!!!
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    DefaultA wonderful weekend!!!

    First I what to congratulate my son Kyle, who won his Novice Junior's class both days this weekend. He showed Stitch beautifully both days. I enjoyed getting to watch both of them. Since I show my dogs in the breed ring I never really get to see them move and it was nice to watch him being shown. Stitch moves like a dream. Now, Kyle is off to compete with the Open Class. Although he is very nerves about it I know he will do great. I also told him with a little more practice he can start helping me in the breed ring.

    Stitch ( Shadow Hill's Forever N Mischief CGC) took RWD on Saturday.

    Annabella ( Bournhalls Annabella of Glen-Mar ) took 1st in 9-12 months both days. She is a wonderful girl who I have had a hard time with. She has so much energy. She wants to run and I have had a heard time getting her to gait properly. I have had many judges tell that she is a beautiful girl and will do wonderful once I get her under control. I think that she has finally figured it out. I look forward to showing her more.

    Chloe ( Bournhall's Pure Gold at Glen-Mar) got at 97 out of a 100 in Rally Novice B. She tied for 2nd but we took 3rd because the other dog had a faster time. I am so proud of her. She just turned a year last month. She is a great all round dog. She is going thru a growing stage right now, so until she levels out we are having fun in obedience. I only entered her the one day because I want to see how she would do. She mad me very proud.

    I also want to thank the 2 breeders that gave me a chance with their wonderful dogs. First is Leeda Dundale of Bournhall Labradors. She gave me my first nice show dogs. Chloe is 2nd pick in the litter. Then a couple of months later she called me to tell me she had a 1st pick of litter coming from a co-owned litter. And wanted me to show her and co-own with her. I could not say no because Anna's dad is one of my favorite dogs Ch Ridge Views Bugs Bunny. Her mom is Bournhalls White Diamond.

    In January, Leeda called me to tell she had a friend that was looking to place her male in a show home. I flew out to California in February and it was love at first site, not only was he a gorgeous dog but also had the best temperament. I also want thank Vicki Krogh for the pleasure of letting me own Stitch. At 6 months he received a BPISS and a RWD to a 4 point major at the Sierra Vista LRC in Nov of 2005. At 11 months he received a BPIS and another RWD. The he got his first point at 11 1/2 months and then Vicki had some personal issue and he was not shown much after that. At his first show with me on the 2nd day of the show he took RWD and then at the Dallas Specialty he took 2nd and then 3rd in the Open Yellow Class. Then 2 weeks ago on Friday he went WD, BOW and BOB for his 2nd point. I am looking forward to showing him more and he will also be competing Rally, Obedience and Agility.

    I will post are win photo's was soon as I receive them.


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    DefaultRe: A wonderful weekend!!!

    Dayna, CONGRATS!!! What a weekend! woohooo! Cant wait to see the pics.

    and BIG congrats to Kyle! 8) Very cool, dude!
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