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    DefaultBad Hair Day

    I made my hubby take some pictures, instead of my 5YO. I mistakenly gave him a bath last week. Later learned that that was a lab no-no to do before a show. Any tricks for getting that wierd hair to stay down at the base of his tail? It messes up his top line. I have been brushing everyday and wetting it down.

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    DefaultRe: Buddy at 7 months

    I would either a) fluff up all of the hair in the area right there to help it blend in or b) use a wet (heavy- fully saturated with water) towel to lay over his topline/tailbase for a period of time to flatten it out. With either of these, I think you should try out *before* the show next weekend...whichever works, I would do it just before going into the ring. I have a friend whose black dog has fluffy hair over his entire butt-end that uses the towel trick to try to keep him from looking high in the rear (which he's not).

    Believe me, I understand completely- I had to put Monty in his crate after rinsing him "post-dog-pool-party" a couple of months ago and when I got him back out, he had this obnoxious cowlick right over his left took me another month (and a couple of shows later) before it would lay properly again. LOL

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