Dog Six...Last One
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Thread: Dog Six...Last One

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    DefaultDog Six...Last One


    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
    - Anonymous

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    DefaultRe: Dog Six...Last One

    My thoughts: Pretty head with good planes, kindly expression and pretty good topline that would probably look even better with a higher tailset (hers looks a bit low). She has a nice otter tail, with the exception of just a touch of feathering, and good length of neck. I wish she were a bit cleaner through her throat, but it looks like perhaps there is a collar there that has been cleaned out of the photo? That could be causing her skin to bunch just above it. She is much straighter and shorter in the forearm than I would like (I would like for her elbows to be on a vertical plane with her shoulders rather than having her leaning forward to give the impression that her forelimbs were placed well-underneath her...good "handling" though, to try to hide the fault!), though appears to have good lay-back of shoulder. She certainly has good width of chest and a well-developed keel/prosternum. In the rear, she has adequate angles, and well-let-down hocks, with good musculature/hindthigh. Overall, a very nice girl.

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Dog Six...Last One

    I think she has a feminine head with kind expression and nice wide-nostriled nose. Her neck looks weird because of the tight collar, but I think she has a nice long neck, good for picking up birds, but maybe a bit too long to give her a lot of strength when carrying heavy birds over long distance. Her front legs are not positioned well, but I think she has good angles to her shoulder and upper arm. I love her height and the length of her front legs. She looks much more balanced top half with bottom half than the previous dog. Looks like she had good angles in the rear assembly but I would prefer more muscles in her rear legs.

    She has a nice topline with a bit on an arched loin, which I personally don't mind that much. Nice tail. I think she's my favorite of all the other dogs in this book.

    This has been a fun exercise, thanks Dana!

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    DefaultRe: Dog Six...Last One

    Gotta get in on the last one ;D
    Nice pretty head. Parallel planes. Nice warm, pleasant expression. The collar ruins the neck line so hard to say there. I am not digging her front assembly. She looks very straight in the forearm and possibly even elbow tied. I know I keep saying that with all of these critiques, but honestly it does look that way to me. . .if she were stacked right I think you would see that her front legs come right off her chest. Her scapula would not be even with her elbow, thus the angle is wrong. Also I think her keel looks like it is well developed but that is mostly her forearm giving it that appearance. Again, her front angle is not ideal.
    Her topline looks level. Tails set might be a little low?? Tail is thick but looks like a little feathering. . . I like her rear. It is moderate and not overdone and appears to have well developed muscle.

    Thanks again!


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