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    DefaultDog Four


    To err is human:To forgive, canine."
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    DefaultRe: Dog Four

    I think this b*tch has a nice head; maybe a bit more masculine than I would prefer. It looks like she has an ewe neck. I think she has good angles in the front but the shoulder/humerus combination is too small compared to her body depth (you can see how high her elbow is over the sternum). I think her front assembly is in balance otherwise, with nice slightly bent pastern for stability. Her rear looks a bit high and can use a bit more muscle. She also has a bit of a straight stifle and with her lack on muscle in the rear quarters, I would be concerned about her being prone to injuries. It's hard to judge her color and coat texture and the photos are a bit overexposed. I think she is lovely for a 4 year old. Not overdone.

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    DefaultRe: Dog Four

    This girl looks really good for her age, and I am guessing that she has also carried a litter. She has a very pretty head, and kind expression. Also nice length of neck and clean through the throat, though a bit ewe-necked. She seems to be a little weak through her topline (again, quite possibly due to a previous litter?) right now, and has a bit of a slope to her croup in addition to a slightly low tailset. Nice tail and twizzle visible, though she doesn't appear to be in very good coat right now from the photographs. She seems a bit weak through the pasterns, she has slightly short upper arm, but seems to have fantastic angles there. The things I would perhaps fault her for the most is that she doesn't have much second thigh and is simply a little "weedy" through her rear. She has adequate turn-of-stifle, though I would prefer a bit more, and her hocks could be a little better let-down, too. Great pigment.

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

    "The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue." -Anon

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    DefaultRe: Dog Four

    Head: nice expresion, a little rounded in the backskull, nice dark pigment around eyes and mouth
    Front: I agree that it looks a bit like an ewe neck. Her shoulder layback looks ok (as far as picture goes) but her forearm lacks length and angle. Possibly Elbows are tied in. She appears to be leaning forward a bit and her legs are not right under her. Her front assembly could be farther back under the wide part of her rib cage more. Even though it is not too bad it is not the front I like.
    Profile: topline dips but that could possible be due to pregnancies as suggested. . . She is a bit long too, but that is ok for a bitch to carry pups. . . I agree she appears to be out of coat but has correct otter tail. Rump is a bit high.
    Rear: Again, rump is high making a dip in the topline. Stifle not very pronounced and is a little underangulated but not bad. The upper thigh is slightly shorter than the lower thigh. nice length of hock, medium tailset, could use more turn of stifle, muscles look short and not well defined.

    ;D ;D


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